Thoughts about Quantic Dream's "Kara"

While you might be tempted to just watch it in the window above, Kara is truly a beautiful thing to watch full-screen and in HD, 

I've been a follower of David Cage and his interesting takes on game design since the Sega Dreamcast release of Nomad Soul so it comes as no surprise that his latest tech demo, Kara, is currently taking the internet by storm.

This 7 minute video, showcasing the now year old demo of Quantic Dream's ability is a prelude to what will no doubt be their next title. This of course is only an assumption that can be made from a tech demo shown by Quantic Dream shortly before Heavy Rain was unveiled for the first time.

While it is still unknown what will be used for their next title, Kara really delves into how I personally want to see games grow. In the 7 minutes of footage, an entire plot is shown off about a robot who 'malfunctions' and develops the ability to feel, facial capture, voice work and fantastic animation bring this machine to life and made me really want to see what happens next. Cage has always had a fantastic ability of making likable characters that I want to learn more about and this is probably the most impressive yet.

If you have 10 minutes to spare or want something to watch on your lunch break I highly suggest taking a look at Kara, its fantastic footage not only begs the question what will come next but also what can be made with this kind of tech.

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