Bomberman x Team Fortress 2 = AWESOME

Let me drop a knowledge bomb on your right now. I LOVE TEAM FORTRESS 2.

After shaky beginnings with it, me and TF2 got past our issues (namely its inability to drop items on me) and I went on a daily rampage of playing with friends and pubs alike.

One clever chap has created a new mod in 24-hours which reminds us that at one time big headed sausage people were the height of videogame violence, blowing each other up in the middle of a square arena. This Bomberman style mode forces the player into the role of the Demoman and creates the destructible blocks we all know and love. The actual bombs don't work the same way as the original (I'm unsure if this is by design or just because it was too difficult) and just explode in the standard Team Fortress way.

If you fancy having a crack at it, check out the link on his on website 

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