Indie Spotlight - The Snowfield

I want to dedicate a little time to indie games every now and again which not only showcase some interesting ideas but also show off the potential of future designers.
All the titles I post about will be free to play/try.

The Snowfield, an IGF 2012 finalist, is a atmospheric 3rd person title in which you take control of a nameless, faceless soldier after a battle in snowy land. as the battle is over your thoughts go towards your own survival and so the game begins. Aside from a single screen of controls, The Snowfield offers very little in the way of direction but that also adds to its charm, offering the player to chance to discover what survival means to them.

The Games own description offers the following statement

The Snowfield represents an attempt to make a simulation-based narrative game according to a special method for developing such games, a method designed to avoid the need for complex A.I. or massive content generation"

The method they are talking about is user testing. Creating the world's "building blocks" and then watching to see how a player reacts to them has created this games narrative, an interesting idea which inverts the current way most developers create their titles.

The Snowfield is an interesting title which has no true ending (or not one I've found so far) the game does time out after a little while so no real 'WELL DONE' type of kill screen but with that said its still work 30 minutes of your time.

Link (Please note you will need the free Unity engine plug-in)

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