Indie Spotlight - Unmannned

When I first started playing Unmanned I was very unsure what to expect, the title isnt an obvious clue as to what is going on unlike some of the more mainstream games out there and it's website is very plain and uninformative as to what sort of genre this game is. I think that's because its very hard to categorise Unmanned as any one type of game, not that it suffers in any way for it and I must admit Unmanned was one of the more interesting looks at indie design I've seen in some time.

With its very surreal style of gameplay, nicely designed artwork and atmospheric audio (as well as some nice beats here and there) it is a great package for a free title. Giving the player specific sections of a man's day to do with what they see fit, enabling you to ruin his face while shaving, crash his car and disobey orders, there really is a lot of content here to play with and I would encourage multiple playthroughs.

If you have 30 minutes to spare try out Unmanned

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