Zombie Cow, Time Gentle Please and the first step on Bitmob

Welcome to Aeries Dies, I'll be updated the blog on a semi-regular basis with new articles and pieces of either my own writing or those I find online that I've enjoyed. Maybe it'll just be a picture of a seal laughing or something, god only knows.

Today was my first try and writing something for Bitmob.com, the fan/industry written article site which allows Average Joes like me who have ambition and talent to write the chance to get in on something in between a blog and a professional site. Its great for some insightful pieces on games and the games press and they currently are trying to get an article of 25 great games that are cheap. They do this by getting users to write a paragraph about a game they enjoy and then they'll collect them all up and put them together.

I Submitted mine for Zombie Cows, underrated and British Time Gentlemen Please and Ben There, Dan That! A double pack of point and click goodness for around 2.99 Sterling or 5 US Dollars. Its only 100 words or so but we all have to start somewhere! Check it out and leave me a comment if you are a lovely person.

Its all about Self-Promotion yo! (bitmob link!)

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