IMO: A gamers policy

1up use grades, Gamespy uses stars, IGN uses a 10 scale and other places that I can’t think of right now use good old percentages. This site isn't really about reviews that much (although I may post reviews from other sites on occasion) what it is about however is my opinion and that's what IMO is all about.

IMO will be my choice of words on a piece of media (be it game, movies, books, porn, menu's at the local bloody pub) with no restrictions at all. if I want to call a it a rusted cuntfart I will because I will have spent my hard earned money on it and then I’ll tell you if  I think you should leave it or spend your hard earned money on it too.

You don't have to agree with me (in fact I'm sure some of you will hate what I have to say) but it’s my opinion and you can take it however you like.

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