Going Through the Motions

My girlfriend and I were so hyped up for the Wii before it was out. At the time we both worked at a game retailers and I managed to get mine the night before release thanks to my fucking awesome deputy and manager. For the year or so after that first day with the Wii I was the happiest owner I knew. Wii has titles like the astounding No More Heroes, Twilight Princess, Mario Kart, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Smash Bros. Brawl and Fire Emblem unfortunately, quality titles soon started to dry up on Wii.

After the first year, my love for the Wii was fading fast. Titles like Iron Man, Samba De Amigo, Mercury Meltdown Revolution and Nitrobike among other sub-par shit I stupidly paid 35 quid for made me start to see the cracks in the machine I loved so much. After the crappy games started to flow it was the Wii's technical draw backs that made me not get titles like Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Street Fighter or Modern Warfare that made me regret my primary console of choice. Then region locked games that made me miss or have to wait 8 months for titles like Bleach, Tales of Symphonia, Smash Bros, the current pretty Wii game Muramasa and the upcoming No More Heroes 2 both of which are delayed a number of months because I'm British. Then it was the lack of enjoyable titles on WiiWare and Virtual Console, then the lack of care on Nintendo's part for the customer, no 1st party charging solution for Wiimote, poor 1st party titles, no storage solution (until after I had stopped caring), poor online support and growth and then the final nail, Wiimotion Plus.

Fucking Wiimotion Plus, I now have to pay more money to get the features the Wii should have had originally? Fuck that. I pretty much gave up on Nintendo's console offerings (Still love my DS to bits) and stopped following pretty much all Wii related news and releases bar the few that still caught me eye like the recently released Boy and His Blob. Not because i believed the titles to be shit but there just wasn't anything for the type of gamer i was anymore.

So all this leads to my actual topic. Sitting and watching the Sony and Microsoft press conferences at E3 and see BOTH of Nintendo's competition take their idea and turn it into their own. I think many gamers let out a groan to see some hairy fella with sunglasses (really?) show me the bottom of a shoe or a guy who was clearly never prepared to go up in front of millions of people show me his dildo with a  light on the end.

How are these controllers going to enhance the franchises I already enjoy? At this point its speculation but is Natal really going to give me the Gears of War experience I've always dreamt of? Is SMC going to enhance Uncharted in a way I couldn't of imagined in 1000 years? Going off the demo's I've seen, probably not at this point. Making Space Invaders, Burnout and Katamari look like crap is definitely a achievement but not something I'm going to buy into. I'm pretty sure a large portion of gamers work hard (well.... some of you must) for their pay-chequee and the last thing they want to do after working hard is go how and act like a big twatin frontt of their TV (unless they play Fifa or Madden, that must be a common thing for those guys).

So my question. Do we really need or want these motion controls? I personally don't. My games are great the way they are and I'm not looking to jump around and lose a few pounds right now. I want to come home after my day and be treated to a great experience while I relax and not spend my time helping Milo with his fucking homework.

Are we going to see a mass reduction in the types of games we've enjoyed over the years? Only time  will tell.

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