E3 2011: My Microsoft Predictions


Here we are, the day of E3 2011. Lots of people are waking up now getting ready for the event while im in the UK. In this post I'll outline what I think Microsoft will showing off, while the giant has been extremely quiet over the past few months with what they've got in the pipeline, all will be revealed 5:30pm BST today.

Here are my (mainly safe) predicitions for Microsofts showing.
  • 360 will be the star of the show: no 360 successor will be announced, shown or hinted at.
  • New 360 hardware/bundle/colours: the slim will be shown off with a reduced price or new bundle in white as well as black
  • Exclusive partnership with MW (again)n and is shown on stage: repeat of last year, the map pack exclusivity will be extended and a demo of Modern Warfare 3 will be given, likely to be just as boring as last year
  • Halo Collection in HD, some fancy box. not shown on stage but trailer: This will only get a few minutes, it'll likely be logo's and brief gameplay footage.
  • Valve show off their latest game, likely left 4 dead 3: Portal 2 has been out for a bit now and Valve dont have anything slated for a while, Left 4 Dead 3 would be an easy one to work on or possibly just more maps for L4D
  • Epic show off Gears 3: if this doesnt happen I will shit out a copy of Gears 2
  • Mass Effect 3 (Side Note: might be at EA show instead): Mass Effect 3 will have an on stage demo of combat with a story trailer after.
  • Kinect sequels, Dance Central 2 (including geeky dude dancing on stage again), Star Wars Kinect and whatever Lionhead & rare are working on: one of the main focuses of the conference will be child friendly Kinect games and sequels.
  • Bioshock Infinite is shown on stage: another big title will get an on stage demo (perhaps the one shown to press late last month) and a short trailer after.
  • More movie partnerships, improved twitter and Facebook integration: the main focus of the conference will be social media and streaming services all tied in to xbox live.
  • The number 3 will be used as some kind of keyword: The amount of 3rd itterations coming out in the near future wil have the PR department brainstorming of stupid ways to make them link together, this would be the outcome.

Come back later on in the week where I'll report on my opinion of the conference, disect my predicitions and back pedal on each one that didnt come true. 


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