Portal 2 PS3 Review - a Guide in Gaming Excellence.

Valve has an unfortunate disorder of not being able to release a game with 3 at the end of it, whether it be Team Fortress 3, Half Life 2: Episode 3 or even just Half Life 3. While this has angered some gamers, it makes more sense to try and enjoy its benefits which just so happen come in the form of Portal 2.

Some of Portal 2 will leave you scratching your noggin for some time.

You pick up where you left off from in the original, taking control of Chell and trying to escape the facility run by Glados, a maniacal computer that treats science as a drug habit its never been able to kick. Our mute female isn't alone this time however, teaming up with the Wheatley, an AI who’s about as sharp as a marble and as cunning as an empty milk bottle, you try your best to work through the facility, righting the wrongs and completing experiments and hopefully get your freedom in the process.

While it wouldn't be right to spoil Portal 2’s excellently written and well executed story, its worth noting that the game’s pacing has been expertly tweaked, starting with smaller less confusing rooms and slowly increasing the difficulty til about ⅔ of the way through where it levels out nicely. Its done in such a way that by the time you’re ready for a new challenge its presented in front of you so you’ll never be overwhelmed.

expect some of the areas to look a little...untidy

Along with this pacing comes some fantastically written dialogue. Its true that the 2007 debut was one of the funniest games that year and Portal 2 will more than likely take that award this year in many gamers minds. Glados' bitter and sarcastic humour is now coupled with Wheatley's childlike and unlearned personality and the two bounce off each other nicely while you get to stand in the middle hearing them both moan, its brilliant stuff.

the co-op is as meaty as the single player

This humour continues into the co-op, brand new for the franchise, which roughly doubles the game length, giving another 6-7 hours of game play of new test chambers, totally separate from the single player campaign (although I'd urge you to play the single player first). Not only is setting up the co-op an easy experience unlike previous co-op titles (I’m looking at you Resident Evil 5), it’s also possible to do it cross platform with any PC player and seeing as you get a PC copy with every brand new PS3 copy, a partner shouldn't be too hard to find.

There are 3 main things you need to know about Portal 2. Its hilariously funny, beautifully paced and has been finely tuned with love. Everything from the graphical design, the writing as well as its delivery, the bleeps and bloops of its sound effects and background music is absolutely top notch.


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