Killzone 3 Multiplayer - The Team Fortress 2 of PS3

Last week Sony announced that the console exclusive shoot Killzone 3 will make its multiplayer available to any member of the PlayStation Network.

This (to my knowledge) is the first time a retail titles multiplayer component has been released separately as a downloadable title on console (I know Crysis did it on PC a few years ago) and I think it can only do good for PSN, Killzone and PlayStation in general and that's because of another game I hold very dear to my heart.

Team Fortress 2.

TF2 is, in my mind, the best shooter I've played in years for a few simple reasons.

1. It's free
2. It requires a fairly low-end PC to play but looks fantastic on high-end gaming rigs
3. Valve keeps it hack free (for the most part)
4. It is updated on a regular basis with patches and content

These 4 reasons are the the essence of why I love my time with TF2 and I've said for a long time that Killzone 3 is my favourite console FPS title due to its class based similarities to TF2 so I think it's a great move for Sony and Guerrilla Games to put the Multiplayer and all the DLC maps out for free.

That being said, Killzone 3 doesn't give it all away up front like your average hussy, allowing free players to only advance to the rank of Sergeant 1 ( I believe that is a fairly low rank) and locking out custom match making, V.S. A.I. modes and the ability to make clans, nothing too drastic but still enough of an incentive for some to drop the $15 (EU and UK prices are TBA at time of writing) upgrade price to unlock the content.

This reminds me very similarly to TF2's pay to play system. While the base level of TF2 is absolutely free, you need to spend the minimum amount in the store (at time of writing its under £1) to unlock a 'Premium account' and so far it's worked out great for them with more and more people signing up to play and buying items.

Here's hoping Killzone 3 will be met with the same amount of excitement as TF2.

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